4" Spacing 5mm Mini Lights - 70L (Case of 24)

4" Spacing 5mm Mini Lights - 70L (Case of 24)

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Colors Available:

  • Sun Warm White, Green Wire 5 Star of Minleon Brand
  • Sun Warm White, Green Wire  5 Star of Minleon Brand
  • Warm White, Green Wire 5 Star Brand
  • Warm White #1 West Cost, Green Wire 5 star Brand
  • Warm White, White Wire 5 Star Brand
  • Multi Color, Green Wire 5 Star Brand or Minleon
  • Pure White, Green Wire Minleon Brand
  • Red, 5 Star Brand
  • Green 5 Star Brand
  • Blue 5 Star Brand

Payment Schedule

May 31st 2023
September 15th Remaining 50% and Cost of shipping

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